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The Muse


Hosted by Christopher Taylor

The Muse is a new show on the LNR Radio network. Each week your host, Christopher Taylor, will share some of his favorite new (and old) albums and songs. For more information about the show or to listen to previous episodes, visit the show on Spreaker. Download the app to your iPhone or Android to enjoy all of our shows on the go!



Hosted by Michael Taylor Gray

“OH MTG,” is an unfiltered look at our daily lives as seen from the entertainingly twisted mind of its weekly host. He’ll chat up the hot topic of the day or maybe just something that’s been bugging him to no end, but you can bet for sure that he’ll stir up the pot and get a “Hell, yeah!” or a “WTF?!” out of you every show. Life can be unpredictable and surprising, so why settle for someone only telling you what you want to hear? MTG will challenge you to think outside of the box and go beyond your comfort zone and he’s willing to do the same whether you’re his featured guest, regular listener or first-time caller. So tune in, speak up, and get ready to throw your hands in the air and shout, “OH MTG!”

Late Night Rendezvous


Hosted by Christopher Taylor & Amanda Gari

“Late Night Rendezvous,” is a weekly life centered talk show. LNR features themed shows about self improvement, culture and society, psychology, religion, politics, pop culture, and much more. We keep it simple on the show — we talk to great people about important topics, creating profound conversations about living life!  There is an array of guest host that frequent the show to join in on the conversation. Our most resent contributors include, comedian/author Karen Bergreen, musician Jesse Ruben, and director Leon Acord. The goal in each show is to inspire people to live their best, most fulfilled lives.



Christopher always had a passion for great conversation. This passion leads to the wonderful challenge of creating and hosting a weekly talk show. He wanted to create a show that was life centered where anyone who listens can relate to the topics and learn from the experiences of others. His favorite topic is life lessons, aspirations, and inspiration for living a fulfilled life. In the past, Christopher founded an online magazine and directed a benefit showing of “The Vagina Monologues.” He works full time as Executive Operations Assistant/Director of Marketing for a financial advising firm. Throughout his week, he volunteers time in the local school system mentoring two young boys — the most rewarding part of his day.

In his free time, Christopher enjoys the simple pleasure of being outdoors horseback riding with his horse Spec, reading, spending time with his family, and loving on his two favorite girls (dogs), Bean and Dutchess. In the future, Christopher hopes to finish his book of short stories, start a family, and launch a nonprofit educational organization.


Amanda Gari has been a presence on the cabaret scene since moving to LA from the East Coast. She has brought her unique blend of special material, impressions, and good old fashioned standards to venues all over LA. As an actress, she has run the gamut from stripper Tessie Tura in “GYPSY” to portraying Judy Garland, a record three times in three different plays. She is currently a cast member of the hit comedy Web series “Old Dogs & New Tricks” (she is neither dog nor trick). Additionally, Amanda is a writer, primarily of parody lyrics and humorous personal essays. She hopes listeners of LNR enjoy her sparring with co-host Christopher and their weekly guests, without actually bearing the burden of having to read…

In her spare time, Amanda is actively involved in animal rescue, (particularly in her own house when she prevents her cats from eating plastic bags). She remains daily force to be reckoned with on Facebook – let the verbal jousting begin! (She is also constantly in search of seven letter words involving a “Q” and a “Z” in Scrabble.)


Michael loves to talk and talk and talk. He also likes to listen. Occasionally. So…a talk show is the perfect fit for his non-stop precocious, NC-17 rated mind, his slightly skewed sense of the world and the many fascinating, creative and colorful family, friends and acquaintances that come in and out of his life. He’s not looking to reinvent the talk show wheel, just flip it around a bit and take it down some off-beaten paths. Finally, “OH MTG!” has come to life!

Where might you have seen or heard MTG? Before Honey Boo Boo came onto the reality show scene, MTG has been seen starring as a series regular in the hit web series, “Pretty,” playing “Royce Adams” – assistant pageant director of the 307th most popular children’s beauty pageant in the USA, “The Miss Star Eyes Pageant.”

Michael looks forward to having you call in or join our live chat room to share your thoughts each week. After all, it isn’t a show until someone rolls their eyes, shakes their head and exclaims, “OH MTG!”


LNR Radio is available for listen at your convenience. New shows are added weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday! Listen on-demand or download the podcast straight to your device. For the best experience, download the Spreaker app on your Apple or Android device.

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